Welcome to the Site of Me

“the creative mind plays with the objects it loves…”

                                                           --carl jung

…and it plays with ideas and feelings. My poetry is user-friendly. Come in, sit down, and be welcomed into an experience you can share. We are all playing together in a symphony, one orchestra with many instruments — my instrument and passion is language; I hope my experience will be your experience.  I’m compelled to put my feelings, memories, lies, dreams, thoughts, loves, joys, and cynical cries into some form. Poetry brings intensity to the material of living, thus we live with a keener sense of being alive. As Tony Hoagland, esteemed poet and critic, wrote of the poems in my latest book, On the Loose:  “Full of pleasure and sensibility, this is a book that will make its readers happy.”  Or try Here at the Edge of the Sea. I hope they will both delight you.

Wind Written

      With all that poets

         write about themselves,

       or say about their foibles--

           or even paint--

        others truly do not


        the peace that envelops

            as disparate

        pieces fly together

            into a whole--

        flags chugging

            on a windy afternoon;

        a grey building

            turning pink

        in Western light,

            the facing building

        reflecting wind-driven

            flapping coats.



        Published in Song of the San Joaquin,          

          Winter, 2006

About Me

Judith Askew grew up in a small town on Cape Cod, where the feel of the sea was so often in the air and the sound of it within walking distance. Always sensitive to language, she worked as a writer, an educator, and an editor beginning when she was a college student and wrote a summer weekly column for The Barnstable Patriot. She refers to her career as "haphazard," having come up in the early years of women's liberation. Her inspiration for her poems comes from what she also considers her "haphazard" life. She co-edited a collection of women's poetry, Out of the Cellar (1978) and published Here at the Edge of the Sea (2008). On the Loose (2016) won the First Annual Poetry Collection Competition sponsored by Bass River Press. Tony Hoagland judged the competition.  She has lived in New York City, Boston, Cambridge, and San Francisco and lives again on Cape Cod.